Why Arc™ farm intelligence by FMC?

Arc™ farm intelligence is an exclusive precision agriculture platform that enables growers and advisors to more accurately predict future pest pressure before it becomes a problem. With the power of real-time data and predictive modeling, Arc™ farm intelligence helps to ensure the right crop protection products are applied precisely where and when they are needed to improve sustainability, optimize crop yield and enhance grower return on investment (ROI).

Through this mobile solution, growers will have access to:

  1. Real-time on-farm data: Access to more data, updated more frequently, covering an entire region
  2. Pest pressure prediction: Improved application timing leads to higher grower ROI on insecticide spend
  3. Peace of mind: Automated alert system for priority insects enables growers to have more confidence in their spray decisions

Arc™ farm intelligence offers current Evalio® customers enhanced user experience with new features, improved communication and superior data. This new tool is different than Evalio® Agrosystems in several ways. Arc™ farm intelligence:

  1. Provides insight into pest pressure patterns and gives a forward-looking forecast
  2. Gives growers / advisors access to data, including aggregation of historical data and views of data across the region
  3. Enables a seamless connection from FMC sales reps to growers
  4. Enhances the user interface with a modern look and feel
  5. Includes a back end administrative portal that enables FMC management of the solution

Growers from countries where the Arc™ farm intelligence mobile application is available can create an account and access their data. During the account creation process, users will provide necessary personal information like phone and email, and select region, reporting groups and farm information (crops, field boundaries, etc.). All these parameters will help to:

  • Provide a personalized heat map showing pests present in the region and sub-region that is relevant for your operations.
  • If you have traps installed on your fields to monitor insects, the data selected in the account creation will help to provide you information about your traps, heat map, and farm boundaries.

Reporting groups are groups of users and traps. FMC admins will create reporting groups to provide relevant data to each user while protecting the privacy of other users. When you sign up, you will be able to select the public reporting group that best fits your interest. After initial sign up, an FMC rep can help you add more reporting groups or add you to a more custom, private group.

After an account is created, details are sent to an FMC admin for account verification. Please allow up to 72 hours for the account verification process. If you are unable to gain access after 72 hours, please reach out to your local sales rep or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

Dealers are important business partners that may have several farms associated with their operations within their geography. An FMC admin will work with you to associate all the traps from the farms associated with your business so that you can view the pest pressure across your entire region. If growers have agreed to share the data with the public, you can also see the trap details.

Trap Data

During the account creation, you can add multiple farms, and within each field. Using the feature in the app, you can create field boundaries.

Heat maps are generated based on the trap data that is collected from the FMC-installed traps in your region. If the user has given permission to share the trap data, then any user can zoom in to the heat map and click on the trap to see the trap details and pest pressure.

Color coding is done based on threshold provided by regional FMC rep in your region. Green indicates the pest pressure is below the threshold, Yellow means pests present in field, and red means that number of insect captured per trap/day have increased the threshold set by the FMC rep. Users that have traps colored as red should work with their crop advisors to plan a insect management plan.

  • Green indicates the pest pressure is well below the threshold.
  • Yellow shows pests are present in the field, but below the predetermined limits.
  • Red alerts users that the number of insects captured per trap/day are greater than the predetermined threshold. Users that have traps colored red should work with their crop advisors on an insect management plan.

FMC admins assign the traps in an admin website. The admin can associate traps with fields, group the traps based on region, and monitor traps to ensure that the data flow from the traps is not disrupted due to a trap that requires maintenance.

By using advanced scouting and machine learning, Arc™ farm intelligence can predict insect pressure one week in advance with 90 percent confidence for key insects in select crops.

There are two steps to predict pest pressure in region:

Step 1. Use machine learning models to identify the insects in fields
Step 2. Use statistical models to predict the pest pressure in the next 7 days based on the field and weather data

Requirements for Use

The mobile application is built upon a platform that can be used to release this mobile application on Android and Apple devices. Below is the list of operating systems and devices supported by the applications:

  • iOS 
    iOS version 11 or newer
    iphone 6 or newer
  • Android  
    Marshmallow or newer
    Samsung S8 and newer

In June 2020, Arc™ farm intelligence will be launched commercially in Greece for cotton. It is currently being piloted in other countries, including Brazil, Spain and United States.